Cat adoptions near Charlotte, North Carolina. Just 45 minutes from Charlotte, North Carolina you’ll find a cat rescue center that’s a bit different from many others. It’s not just the setting, on a 48 acre farm. No, most of the cats here have been rescued from Kill Shelters across South and North Carolina and Georgia. All these cats are friendly and most have been turned into shelters by their owners. As the economy suffers, sadly pets do too.

 You’ll find all sorts of cats and kittens, black, red, seal point, tabby; long hair, semi long hair and short hair.

Melissa stone runs Furry Friends Rescue at Clover,near the border with North Carolina. Cats are lovingly cared for, and some are now ready for their new forever homes.

Could you give a rescue cat a loving home?

Call Melissa on 803-230-3648 , to discuss your requirements. She will need an idea of whether you’re looking for an indoor/outdoor cat,  who will be living with the cat and other information needed to find your purrfect feline companion. It’s true that a great many shelters are only set up to allow you to ‘shop’ for a cat. A good rescue will help match your circumstances to the right cat.

For example, if you have no pets and are not at home all day, an adult cat is going to be a better choice than a kitten. And if you have an existing adult cat, you’ll need to find the right kind of cat to introduce. 

However there is a right way and a wrong way to introduce new pets to each other. You can’t just through them together.

Any new cats needs to be confined to one room for the first few days. This will mean providing a litter tray and other mod cons! This is especially true for kittens, you can easily soil if introduced too too large a space too quickly. This is easily overcome by “resetting” the kitten and confining it again for a few more days.

If you have an existing cat(s) the other advantage of confining the new arrival is that existing cats will get used to the new cat’s smell over a period of time. Cats may even peek round the door at each other and give each other high fives as mine have done.

Once the cats have met face to face, you can further help introductions by feeding the cats together and playing with them and treat them all equally.

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