Edinburgh Gumtree Pets – Buyers Beware, Sellers Too!

Edinburgh Gumtree Pets is NOT the best place to find a cat or dog. Want to buy a cat or dog? Find your local cat rescue or dog rescue where shelter where staff will give you an honest run down on available cats and dogs. While there are legit rehomings on Gumtree Pets and other free ad sites, what you see is not always what you get.

What I really don’t get is that even Gumtree users want the free advertising of pets to be tightended up. But does anything happen? No.

Take poor Alfie, a new arrival just this weekend at Sunny Harbour Cat and Kitten Rescue. Some people in Fife found a cat on Gumtree for £30. They called the advertiser on Gumtree who was happy to answer any and all questions. The owner even said he’d deliver the cat – that’s without the prospective buyers seeing it.

This cat was under 2 years old. Allegedly good with kids, indoor cat, perfect in every way for his new family.

Cat was duly delivered and paid for. The cat turned out to be a real live wire and was definitely NOT ok with kids. The new owners rang the sellers ten, twenty, maybe thirty times before he’d pick up the phone. Of course he wouldn’t take the cat back and wasn’t the least bit worried about the welfare of the cat.

The new owners realising they’d been duped and had bitten off more than they could chew called round rescues and eventally after trying everyone including SSPCA, found Sunny Harbour. Everyone else basically said ‘hard luck’.

Alfie is now safe at Sunny Harbour. But this is one very traumatised young cat. We know from the state of his coat he’s not an indoor cat, we’re now just worried he may even have been stolen to sell on. Sunny Harbour will checking all the lost and found notices / websites.

What he have here is a blatent attempt at making money from animals, with no thought to a pet’s welfare. If Gumtree Pets and other free sites would tighten up their advertising policies on pets this would be less likely to happen.

As far as Gumtree Pets’ Buyers are concenerned if you want to buy a pet cat or dog, PLEASE seek out a rescue. Legitimate sellers need to make sure that animals are passed on to thoroughly vetted homes.

The family who bought Alfie have learned their lesson. They won’t be using Gumtree Pets again. Please don’t support the exploitation of animals in this way. Prospective pet buyers find a rescue – especially if you don’t your ability not to be sucked by dubious sellers.

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