Maine Coon Cats Available Gastonia / Charlotte

At any one time Furry Friends Rescue Center will have maine coon cats available for adoption. Just like any other type of cats, maine coons have the same wide range of personalities – often dependent on their early experiences.

There is nothing quite a like a maine coon; with their imposing size, ruffs, feathered ears and plumed tails, they make excellent pets – if you have the space!

Take Mary and Manny. You couldn’t get too more different cats. Each will require a completely different environment to thrive.

Mary is a complete love bug. Perhaps one of the most affectionate cats ever to grace Furry Friends Rescue Center. She likes people and is also good with kids making her an ideal family cat.

Mary, maine coon looking for new family


Then there is Manny. He is a huge tabby maine coon who requires some taming up. He’s shy around people but still sweet. He needs a quiet experience cat orientated home to bring him on..Ideally where he can eventually have access to a safe outdoor area. A country home would be ideal.

As well as maine coons, Furry Friends Rescue Center also rehomes a number of long hair and semi long hair cats. So if a maine coon is perhaps too big a cat for you, but you like the long haired look, there may be other cats available who will fit the bill.

Manny the maine coon


Finding out more about Mary or Manny or other cats available at Furry Friends Rescue Center is easy. Just call the Center on 803-230-3648, ask for Melissa and she’ll do her best to help you.

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