Redlisted GCACS Greenville SC Mama Cats and Kittens Rescue Plea

Joanie, redlisted with her kittens

Joanie and kittens

Isabella and her brood


Bootsey and babies

Holly and babies

Aphrodite and Babies

These are redlisted GCACS Greenville SC mama cats and kittens. Kitten season is here, and that means rescues and shelters are bursting at the seams with nursing female cats and female cats who are pregnant. All the mother cats and babies listed here are now REDLISTED and scheduled to die on Monday 18 April 2011.

We’d like these redlisted kittens and mother cats to go to rescue rather than adoption as looking after mother cats with kittens requires expienced hands to make sure the kittens get the best start in life. If you are a rescue with Greenville SC in your catchement area, please will you rescue or foster these cats and kittens?

All these redlisted GCACS cats are now fully SPONSORED. Therefore no money is required to pull these cats and kittens. Time is now against these families, more so as we are now in the holiday season.

Each cat/kitten family has an ID number as follows:

Holly 12811059
Isabella 12821583
Bootsey 12824628
Aphrodite 12827106
Kym 12831961
Joanie 12802627

Even if you are not a rescue yourself you can still help the cats by circulating their details to cat and kitten rescues in Greenville SC and beyond.

To help these cats please either try to reach the front desk at greenville on 864-467-3950 or 3951—
OR even better email Andrea the cat coordinator at, include andreas name in the subject field along with the name and ID number of the cat you are trying to help!

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