Siamese rescue cats for adoption, South Carolina

Siamese type rescue cats are available for adoption at Furry Friends Rescue Center. These cats have all been extracted from various Shelters in Georgia and South / North Carolina. Please forgive some of the photos here; some pictures – were taken when the individual cats were still at the shelters and before they arrived at Furry Friends!

Dora, Siamese type cat for adoption at Furry Friends Rescue Center


Its worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of cats in American shelters have done nothing wrong. Unbelieveably people are turning their own pets in as “strays” or give up their pets because they are moving or are expecting.

One of the tragedies of the all the trapping ACs seem to do in the US, is that many strays caught in traps will actually be people’s pets! Some even come into the shelter micro chipped but the owners details are not up to date and can’t be traced.






So why am I telling you all this? Because many bona fide pets turn up in Kill Shelters, just not the feral alley cats.  Many of  these cats having been abandoned by their owners were depressed in shelters and did not attract a would be adopter for that reason only. However these cats are now thriving in the caring environment provided by Furry Friends Rescue Center.

 If you’d like to meet the siamese rescue cats for adoption in South Carolina at Furry Friends Rescue center please call Melissa on 803-230-3648

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